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Corporate Fincon


Corporates have complex financial requirements and one needs an expert well-versed with all options to select the right one. Some of the areas of Financing in which we help medium to large Corporates are:

  • Project Finance : Loans for up to 10 years based on projected cash flows and not on the balance sheet.
  • Working Capital Finance : Short term loans just to fix the shortfalls in the operating cycle to ensure smooth business operation.
  • Medium Term Loan : Loans for up to 5 years for specific purposes.
  • Corporate loan : Short term finance for a year and medium term finance for upto 5 years is available for Corporates that satisfy the eligibility conditions.
  • Real Estate (Construction Loan) : Loans for up to 5 years on the basis of upcoming projects for Real Estate Developers.
  • Real Estate (Corporate loan ) : General purpose loans upto 3 years for Real Estate related clients.
  • External commercial borrowing (ECB) : Loans for 3 to 7 years from international sources in foreign currency.