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Corporate Fincon

The Promoters:

Mr. Jigar Panchal

  • Founder promoter of Corporate Fincon Pvt. Ltd.
  • More than 10 years of extensive experience in Corporate Project Financing
  • Rendered services to more than 500 versatile projects
  • Responsible for strategies & growth planning
  • Engaged in Management Consulting including Corporate Planning
  • Conducting viability studies and market assessments.

Mr. Tejas Nakawala

  • Co-founder promoter of Corporate Fincon Pvt. Ltd.
  • More than 10 years of experience in Corporate Project Financing
  • Assisting clients in developing and implementing strategies and effective management systems.
  • Conducting critical appraisals of proposals and assessment of business potential.
  • Preparing Executive Summaries, presentations and detailed business plans.
  • Conducting detailed project / promoter's appraisal.

Management Team

The management team comprises of professionals from various backgrounds, who complement each other’s skills for a 360 degree approach to the clients’ problems. We have specialists as well as all-rounders who give good indicators for the specialists to work on. With 2 CAs, 4 CFAs, 3 MBAs, 15 Finance Executives and in-house Legal & Subsidy & Audit Departments, Corporate Fincon has all your concern areas covered. We have different teams to handle Retail Loans (Home Loan, Mortgage Loan and Overdraft). There is tremendous learning that happens between team members throughout the week and also an excellent camaraderie between the friends on the weekend. Our clients never hear us cribbing or shifting blame on colleagues. There are no excuses required when every member contributes to making Corporate Fincon a well oiled machine. Each and every aspect of our interaction with the clients reflects our professional approach.