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Corporate Fincon



Central & State governments grant tax subsidies to various sectors that benefit the public. CFPL guides the clients in getting the subsidy by preparing all the required documents and filing them in the various departments.The Government does its duty by providing the schemes and subsidies. Then it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not miss out on available subsidies. With CFPL you can be assured that everything related to subsidies will be efficiently handled. We offer SSI and MSI Certificates too. Corporate Fincon will take care of all complex subsidy matters so you can concentrate on growing your business. The subsidy laws are not as well know to everyone but our specialists keep track of every development at both the centre and state level.



Our auditors have an eagle’s eye for details. Nothing will miss their scrutiny and every available scheme will be utilised to ensure maximum profitability for you. Our reliable and efficient auditors make tax time a breeze. Certain investors require a thorough check into the accounts of companies before approving loans. Our auditors follow the best industry practises to ensure that our reports and audits are held in high esteem by financial institutions.