CFPL provides its Corporate & Institutional Clients the finance they need to succeed. We offer a wide range of financial services handled by experts. We independently study the proposals and fundamentals of the client’s company. Our mathematical models of the costs & revenue scenarios give a clear picture of the viability of the projects. The institutions, banks, industries, corporates and finance concerns among others that depend on our expertise are provided complete support. CFPL prepares project reports so that the pitch given to investors, banks or finance companies is well received. We get you the right funds at the right time on the right terms for your company’s growth.

Corporate Fincon has become a name to rely on in the Project Finance world. Our expertise comes into play right from the start with the preparation of project reports and selection of the best financing structure. We have dealt with all the large industries and financial institutions of the country and we cater to all segments - small, mid or large. Our sources of knowledge provide us with all the publications, profiles and reports of successful projects using which you can gain valuable insights. All the details about pre-feasibility studies, market surveys, capital requirement, rate of return and break even points can give you a whole new perspective.

We offer:

  • Preparation of Project Reports : professionally prepared project reports can make the difference in the decision of the lender. We have prepared countless project reports and are adept at making the best reports that projects can get.
  • Exports Facilities : exporters can get funded efficiently using the many available schemes for their exported goods.
  • Letter of Credit Facility : for international trade, we can this credit facility for our clients.
  • Bank Guarantee Facility : a simple instrument where a bank guarantees payment to the lender in case the debtor fails to settle the debt.
  • Buyers Credit Funding : allows importers to get international funding that is more cost effective than local funding.
  • ECB Loan Finance : Indian Corporations and PSUs can benefit from cheap international loans using External Commercial Borrowing.
  • Venture Capital Funding : we are always on the lookout for great ideas that need seed capital, angel investors and venture capital to materialise.
  • Infrastructure Project Funding : a wide variety of government and private institutions provide loans for infrastructure projects.
  • Foreign Currency Loan : a necessary facility to have for importers and exporters.
  • Lease : Rental Securitization : loans provided on the basis of receivable rents of properties owned.
  • Consortium Loan Arrangement : when multiple banks are required to finance a large loan for the borrower.
  • Loan Restructuring & Recapitalization : we manage your loans in the best way possible.

Some specialised products that are not usually provided by financial companies:

  • Acquisition Funding : Indian companies are becoming MNCs and need finance to acquire new assets overseas.
  • Mezzanine Funding : an in-between category of borrowing placed above the value of common shares.
  • Promoter Funding : Funds provided on the basis of the shares of the promoter.
  • Lease Rent Discounting : The rent collected for the borrower’s property is directly deposited to the lender through escrow.
  • Agri Finance / Warehouse Receipt Financing : loans provided on the basis of agri inventory at warehouses.
  • Equipment Financing : The equipment purchased on loan itself is the security for the loan.
  • Loan Against Property (LAP) : where a property is kept as security for the loan.
  • Inter Corporate Deposit (ICD) : short term 3-6 month loans between companies.

Retail Loans:

  • Home Loan : Home Loans are provided to purchase a flat or house or to construct house.
  • Mortgage Loan : A loan secured by property for any purpose other than speculation.
  • Unsecured Loan : This is a short term loan for any purpose without mortgage of any property.
  • Loan against Constructed Properties, Open Land, Industrial Properties & Commercial Properties